Welcome to OurColoradoLife.com, the new URL for the website that once was going2colorado.com. Stay tuned as we get the site tuned up for our new lives in Colorado, there's still mostly content about our move over the past year from St. Louis.

Here's some of the key items from our move.

  1. Who are we?
  2. Why we are moving?
  3. Where will we move?
  4. When will we move?
  5. What will we do for employment in Colorado?
  6. Where will we find a house?
  7. What are the requirements for a house?
  8. What kind of house will we buy?


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No, while I am posting this message here, we aren't moving to Colorado any time soon. But I will post it here now. But I do greatly miss the wonderful state of Colorado, and I envision being back there again.

I just need to convince Natalie that Colorado is where we want to go after California.... 

It looks like www.OurColoradoLife.com and of course the precursor, www.going2colorado.com are quickly coming to an end. As of yesterday we have a signed contract on our house in Parker Colorado. Hopefully by this time next month we'll be free and clear of the house and able to move on with our lives here in California.

UPDATE: sorry folks the washer and dryer are sold!

So this weekend only, if you're interested in buying our house you can get the washer/dryer included in the deal! You gotta act fast though, they are going on Craigslist, if they sell there they won't be available as part of the house deal.

They are a really nice washer/dryer set to! Front loaders, Samsung, I don't have the model numbers handy, but they were over $2k less than 8 months ago when purchased new.

For a little more on our house check out http://www.ourcoloradolife.com/Blog/itemId/156/17960-Domingo-Dr-Parker-CO-80134-For-Sale-we-ha.aspx 

For those of you who have kept up with Going2Colorado.com and now OurColoradoLife.com you know how much time we spent looking for a house in Colorado. Well that house is for sale and our lives in Colorado are quickly coming to an end. We are picking up and moving to California, and the house is for sale. Check out the full blog post for more details about the house.
The house sold in August of 2010. Unfortunately we took a rather large hit on it. To be honest, I wish it hadn't sold! Oh well, life goes on.

6 Months In

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Today marks 6 months! We’ve been homeowners and residents of Colorado for six months now, having closed on the house on 7/31/2009. It’s been fun so far, though we haven’t seen near as much snow as I had hoped!


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