Where are we moving? Ft. Collins Parker, Colorado

So for our trip out to Colorado earlier this month we went with the intention of trying to find two things. Looking at options for a Dressage boarding facility, and based on what we found with that, finding where we want to move.

It was a productive trip in that we did find the Dressage facility that Natalie wants to board her horse at, and thus we’ve located the area we want to move to. We’ll hold off on talking about the facility itself in detail yet until we figure out if they will even have room for Corollo3. We are now starting to think about the next phase of the moving process. We are planning a trip to Ft. Collins in March to start looking for a house.

There will be a lot to plan before that trip, getting preapproved for a mortgage to get an idea of what our budget is going to be, finding a real-estate agent, though I think I’ve already got that covered through family connections.

More blogging as we get into the house hunting process!

UPDATE We changed our minds, we're moving to Parker! I'll make another blog post about that

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