Who we are?

So when we started this website a few months ago it was planned to track our move to Colorado in 2009. Well, 2009 is getting closer, and more and more we talk about the move, so it is probably time to fill you in on who “we” are.

This is run by Christopher and Natalie Hammond, currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri. You can click on either of our names to get to our individual sites, or you can visit our family site at www.horsesandcars.com.

Natalie and I have been married for just about two years now (in just over a week actually). We met online, Match.com (yeah yeah, we’re geeks, well I am), we’ve been in St. Louis the whole time we’ve been dating. I’ve actually lived here in St. Louis since 2000, prior to that I spent 4 years in Rolla, MO, about 100 miles west of St. Louis. Natalie has been in the area since 2004 this time around, spending a few years in Germany training in dressage.

We’ve both been to Colorado a few times and are looking forward to taking a few trips out there over the next months as we decide where we want to live.

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