17960 Domingo Dr, Parker, CO 80134 For Sale, we hate to leave

For those of you who have kept up with Going2Colorado.com and now OurColoradoLife.com you know how much time we spent looking for a house in Colorado. We wanted to find the perfect place based on a number of factors, including:

Large Garage - this house fits 3 LARGE cars, it is 24 feet deep, with plenty of length for a 2008 F250 Crew Cab plus storage shelves in front of the truck!

Large Yard - we have two dogs and a cat, so having a large yard was important to us, while a lot of the yards in the neighborhood are smaller, and even directly our the back door of the house there isn't much room, the beauty of this house is the large side yard, perfect for the dogs. Not to mention that the previous owner put in an electric fence to keep the dogs from jumping up/over the fence!

Great location - we absolutely LOVE Parker, Colorado. We couldn't have picked a more wonderful place to live, we have the best neighbors, are close to everything we need, and love the access to all the great outdoor Colorado activities. The neighborhood has a pool and meeting center that are absolutely beautiful and green space all over.

Lots of space - the house has ~2300 sq/ft of living space with another 900+ of basement (plus two additional crawl spaces for storage), it was great for everything we had acquired over the years and left us with room to grow. Our new place in California however, has about 1/3 of the space we had in Colorado! Yikes!

Electronics - the house is setup well if you are a computer geek like I am. All the bedrooms have phone and internet prewired, and the crawl space in the basement that has all the wiring in one easy to access place. I setup a wireless router in the crawl space and it provided wireless internet for every room in the house. For internet/tv/phone we had Comcast setup with 20mb service and got excellent up and down speeds for the service. Plenty of data capability for future bandwidth requirements. It is also wired for surround sound in the family room. 

So you might be wondering why we are selling the house and moving? Well, bluntly I got an offer for a job that with my ultimate career goals in mind I couldn't turn down. That job requires relocation to California, so even though we had barely owned the house 6 months we put it back on the market to get ready for the move. Obviously we are trying to minimize our losses, knowing that we are going to lose money no matter what we do. So we listed the house at 345k, and have recently lowered it down to 329k.

We aren't going any lower, the house will be on the market for another few weeks and then we will work on setting it up as a rental. If you are interested in purchasing do so quick! We won't be taking offers once we get the rental paperwork started.

We would totally stay in this house and in Parker Colorado if the job allowed for it, but in order to have the best opportunities I can provide for our growing family in the future we must call it quits in Colorado, for now. There's always the chance that we will come back!

The house sold in August of 2010. Unfortunately we took a rather large hit on it. To be honest, I wish it hadn't sold! Oh well, life goes on.

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