A couple days in the life of a Coloradoan

So the past few days have been COLD! But way fun to say the least. Friday night I drove up to Boulder to look at a car for myself, a Subaru, and a car for a buddy, an 89 RX-7.

Saturday Natalie and I hung out with the neighbors, Mike and Kim, trying out their new hot tub, it works great! Now we just need to put a gate in the fence between the yards so we don’t have to scale it to get over there :)

Natalie and I at Game 3 NLDS 2009Sunday we sold the F350, picked up a few things at Target, running into Mike and Kim (stalkers!). After that we headed off to the Rockies game with Mike and Kim, that’s right, baseball in mid October in Colorado. I tell you what, it was cold, supposedly record tying playoff baseball cold. We only lasted a through the 5th inning, though we didn’t miss much as they lost the game! There are a few photos here in the blog post, and you can see more here.

Yesterday was Monday, and what did the Rockies do? Schedule Game 4 at 4pm. I worked Monday morning and then talked Kim into giving me a ride to the RTD light rail station up at Lincoln, probably 7-10 miles from the house. Without the F350 we only have one running vehicle, making transportation a real pain in the rear! I went to Game 4 of the NLDS by myself, I couldn’t get ANYONE to go with me! I ended up trading the four tickets I had, plus $20 for a single seat, only to realize I got a seat out in the outfield, talk about a rip off, the face value on the ticket was $20 while mine were $32 each! Oh well, lesson learned. 
Mike and Kim (neighbors) at Game 3 NLDS

I took quite a few photos at the game, but haven’t posted any yet, those will come later in the week. I stayed through the 7th inning, at the stretch getting up to walk around the park and took even more photos. I boarded the light rail back home just after the 8th, when the Rockies were up 4-2, only to find out on the ride back that they ended up losing 5-4, nice job Rockies, way to pull it out! This was not my season for post season baseball, Red Sox swept, Cardinals Swept, Rockies may have been swept! I can’t wait for April as the season is now over for me!

This morning before taking Natalie to work the dogs were outside, and I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t want to come back in. Well, the front half of a dead bunny was explanation enough, they were chowing down on the carcass. Hopefully that’ll teach the bunnies to invade our yard again! Poor thing though.

A StandoffAfter taking Natalie to work and ran to the bank to get some money for a car, I couldn’t handle 48 hours without my own ride! We’re picking up a 1995 Audi A6 quattro later tonight, so I’ll have my own AWD ride, and I already have the perfect domain for it :), http://www.projectquattro.com/. On the way home from the bank I had a little standoff with a Prairie Dog, I even stopped to take a picture of it.  He won the standoff, I ended up turning to run away from him for fear of bunny retribution. 

This afternoon after my DotNetNuke Training Webinar we had the windshield replaced in the 2008 F250 today, here’s a shot of it topless.



The new truck feels naked, getting a new windshield

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Chris, you have more domains than anyone else I know! I'm glad you moved out of "Misery" and someone place cool...literally!
Posted By: Marisa P on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 7:06:53 PM
It's going to get colder... :) I am guessing you don't have a cat - as standoffs are a near-daily event (who will blink first).
Posted By: Eric Duncan on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 10:17:59 AM

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