Our last night in St. Louis Missouri

So tonight is our last night in St. Louis, we are almost all loaded up, with only a few things to load in the morning, such as our mattresses (sleeping on them on the floor the past couple nights) and a few more things in the garage.

I don’t think we’re going to quite get everything we wanted to loaded up, but we’re going to do our best in the morning. We’ve gotta make a run to a dumpster or two to unload quite a bit of trash, pick up the datsun from down in Fenton, and then head back up here to connect the truck to the horse trailer and head out. Hopefully we’ll have all that done by noon, sooner would be preferred. We’re going to drive 8-10 hours tomorrow, see if we can’t make it to Colby Kansas or there abouts, then park the trucks for the night and finish the drive Thursday morning. I’ll post pictures on twitter from the road http://twitter.com/christoc and will also post a blog tomorrow night assuming we have internet at whatever hotel we stop at.

We’re excited about the move, though I’ll be even more excited when we’re done! We close on the house on Friday, here’s to hoping all goes well!

Chris & Natalie

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Big days ahead! New adventures...u always moved "well".....good luck, kiddo!
Posted By: Barb Hammond on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 12:12:05 AM

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