One month until we go to Colorado again!

So I just booked our flights from St. Louis to Denver for our first house hunting trip to the Ft. Collins area. I checked the flights last night and the price was at $390 at the cheapest. So I figured i better book today before the prices go up since we are just over 30 days (if not right at) until we would fly. Surprise surprise the flight ended up being $30 less than last night when I checked. Score!

So we’re flying Frontier Airlines into Denver, I’ve had good experience with Frontier in the past, I should probably go ahead and sign up for their frequent flier program as we may have to make a few trips and then I’ll make trips for work. I think I got the same deal I could have had if I had booked it on Frontier, I ended up booking it on Priceline. Travelocity was still $30 more like last night.

Sometime before the trip I’ll get our hotel and car rental, both through priceline I’m sure :D

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I'm recommend getting Southwest Ding! My mom just bought my sister's flight from Denver to St. Louis for less than $200 round trip. Good luck!
Posted By: Jennie Bellinger on Thursday, February 19, 2009 1:24:55 AM

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