No, while I am posting this message here, we aren't moving to Colorado any time soon. But I will post it here now. But I do greatly miss the wonderful state of Colorado, and I envision being back there again.

I just need to convince Natalie that Colorado is where we want to go after California.... 

It looks like and of course the precursor, are quickly coming to an end. As of yesterday we have a signed contract on our house in Parker Colorado. Hopefully by this time next month we'll be free and clear of the house and able to move on with our lives here in California.

For those of you who have kept up with and now you know how much time we spent looking for a house in Colorado. Well that house is for sale and our lives in Colorado are quickly coming to an end. We are picking up and moving to California, and the house is for sale. Check out the full blog post for more details about the house.
The house sold in August of 2010. Unfortunately we took a rather large hit on it. To be honest, I wish it hadn't sold! Oh well, life goes on.

So now that we’ve moved it was time to change up the domain name a little, was so first half 2009. Welcome to!

All this time we’ve been using the site to track our adventures with the move, and now that the move is over it is time for the site to grow. So what comes next for the site? I’m overhauling the Flickr photo module I wrote for DotNetNuke, hopefully that will be done in the next week or so. We will also be adding some sections to the site. One of the things we want to do now that we are in Colorado is hike the 14ers, so I’ll be setting up a page and some features on the site to track our progress. There are over 50 fourteen thousand foot peaks in Colorado, our goal is to eventually hike them all!

People were giving me trouble for continuing to tweet about our Colorado adventures and reference #going2colorado so today, that hashtag gets replaced with #OurCoLife I also registered just for the hashtag ;)

Stay tuned as OurColoradoLife blossoms, we love it here in this beautiful state, hopefully we can impart to you even a small portion of the beauty that this state offers.

So we have been in Colorado for a week now, tonight is our 7th night in our home, and we are in heaven! We’ve had a few hickups, I’ll talk about those here to update everyone.

We got here last Thursday and went down to Colorado Springs to get a checking account so we could get a better rate on a mortgage, unfortunately we didn’t have 20% down for our first home, so we did 80/10/10, this bank in the springs was for the second 10. Well, to be frank, the bank sucks. Basically they came in with a different rate than they originally told us, changed numbers at the last minute, and were downright painful to work with. I highly recommend if you ever get the chance to work with TCF Bank that you run away as fast as you can. I plan to pay off that second as fast as we can and get away from TCF Bank.

From there things looked up, closing went alright, once we got thru the bank headaches, and we got the keys to the house. I came to the house in the moving truck while Natalie and her mom ran off and picked up a few things, as I got here the neighbor was outside chasing down the previous owners dogs. They were watching them while they went to the closings and unfortunately the dogs had gotten out. I helped in getting one of them back in their house, a golden retriever who didn’t want to leave our house, and planted himself on the ground. I had to pick half of him up and drag him across the ground! I repeated the process a few hours later when he escaped again.

Unpacking Friday went well, we had the help of some high school kids, and in three hours we had the truck and horse trailer unloaded, far faster than I expected. My parents arrived into town, and Natalie’s father arrived into town later Friday as well. Saturday and Sunday we spent time with our families unpacking and trying to get things going in the house. We shopped for a washer and dryer, finding something on Monday and having it delivered on Tuesday.

Natalie's new toys, samsung 419s

Since we moved in we’ve found a few things wrong with the house. Here’s a quick list

  • Windows that needed tightening up.
  • A sump pump that was basically flooding the yard
  • A kitchen sink that started leaking
  • Carpet with gum embedded in it
  • a yard that wasn’t mowed
  • lots of dirty rooms
  • none of the Ethernet ports were actually wired up in the house
  • random trash left in and around the house

All in all the week has been good. I’m up and running in my home office, though it is not 100% setup yet, lots of work left to do in it. Natalie has been going to the barn every day to ride her dressage horse, I think she’s very happy with the horse, the barn, and our new home.

We bought a lawn mower off craigslist for $40, it ran, but not well, so I took it apart and found that the intake manifold was broken completely in two. I looked for parts online but didn’t find anything local so I pieced it together best I could with some super glue. I mowed the yard today, or at least most of it, some during lunch, and then more after work until it started raining. I’ll try to finish it up this weekend. I’m going to go ahead and order the replacement manifold as I don’t know if the super glue will hold up to the gasoline.

We’ve still got a long way to go with the house, we don’t have any couches yet, but will spend our time looking for the right items for us.

More pictures and a lot more coming in the next few weeks, stay tuned! isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

So this will be a quick blog post, but a much needed one nonetheless. We are up and running in Colorado! I’ll post later this week with a full detail of all of our adventures over the past week, but we made it safe and sound, closed on the house, and are now getting through the unpacking process.

I got the office setup today and will begin working tomorrow. Hopefully in the evenings I can get to some much needed unpacking!

A couple of thanks must go out. To our parents, both mine and Natalie’s, thank you for coming to Colorado and helping us! We wouldn’t have been able to get what we did done without you. Auntie Carol, thanks for the wonderful gift, it came today!

So tonight is our last night in St. Louis, we are almost all loaded up, with only a few things to load in the morning, such as our mattresses (sleeping on them on the floor the past couple nights) and a few more things in the garage.

I don’t think we’re going to quite get everything we wanted to loaded up, but we’re going to do our best in the morning. We’ve gotta make a run to a dumpster or two to unload quite a bit of trash, pick up the datsun from down in Fenton, and then head back up here to connect the truck to the horse trailer and head out. Hopefully we’ll have all that done by noon, sooner would be preferred. We’re going to drive 8-10 hours tomorrow, see if we can’t make it to Colby Kansas or there abouts, then park the trucks for the night and finish the drive Thursday morning. I’ll post pictures on twitter from the road and will also post a blog tomorrow night assuming we have internet at whatever hotel we stop at.

We’re excited about the move, though I’ll be even more excited when we’re done! We close on the house on Friday, here’s to hoping all goes well!

Chris & Natalie

Seven Days from now we’ll hit the road and head to Colorado, all of our life’s belongings with us, except the horse which should be there at the barn by the time we leave St. Louis. e’ve got a lot to do between now and then, but I do have all the utilities squared away at the new place. I got internet/TV/phone setup this morning, then called the other less important utilities such as power and gas :D

We’ve been packing up around the house, there’s still a lot left to do, but hopefully we’ll get it finished tonight and Friday. Tomorrow we’re having a little get together at Dave & Buster’s here in town as sort of a going away bash.

Friday Natalie is going to a concert and I’ll begin loading up the trailer. I hope to have an idea if we’ll be able to get everything in the trailer or not, if I can cancel the Budget truck by 10am we won’t get charged. But heck, even if we cancel after 10am, it only costs us $50. In my mind that’ll be $50 well spent, as we have the truck reserved for a Monday pickup if we do need more room for loading things. It’ll also likely tow the 240Z better than the Envoy will.

We’re planning on leaving St. Louis some time on Tuesday, driving roughly half way (Salina Kansas or further) and then finish up the rest of the drive on Thursday. I’ll likely need to go down to Cplorado Springs on Thursday to get a bank account down there for our second mortgage, they’ll give us a discount on the rate if we have an account there for them to ECH from.

So one of our "questions" on the front page of the website here at is "When are we moving?". Well, we are planning on moving to Ft. Collins in June or July of 2009. It will all depend on what we find for a house, and when we are able to close on a house. We won't move before May as I am taking classes until the middle of May, after that is done we are fair game to go, pending house.

We'll obviously update when we're moving as we get closer to the date! We're definitely looking forward to starting the house hunting process on our trip coming up later in March!

Update: We are moving to Colorado at the end of July

Who we are?

Chris Hammond

So when we started this website a few months ago it was planned to track our move to Colorado in 2009. Well, 2009 is getting closer, and more and more we talk about the move, so it is probably time to fill you in on who “we” are.

This is run by Christopher and Natalie Hammond, currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri. You can click on either of our names to get to our individual sites, or you can visit our family site at

Natalie and I have been married for just about two years now (in just over a week actually). We met online, (yeah yeah, we’re geeks, well I am), we’ve been in St. Louis the whole time we’ve been dating. I’ve actually lived here in St. Louis since 2000, prior to that I spent 4 years in Rolla, MO, about 100 miles west of St. Louis. Natalie has been in the area since 2004 this time around, spending a few years in Germany training in dressage.

We’ve both been to Colorado a few times and are looking forward to taking a few trips out there over the next months as we decide where we want to live.

Pets in Colorado

Chris Hammond
Time for another installment in our adventures in moving to Colorado. It's late so this won't be a large installment, but hopefully a useful one into our thinking about our move.

One important aspect about our move will be our pets. Right now that means two dogs, two horses and one cat. Eventually that might mean only one horse, but the horse will probably be one of the most important factors in choosing a location in Colorado.

If you were moving to Colorado, where would you choose to live? Please be sure to post why you pick where you pick. If you don't tell us why, it will be hard to sell us on a specific location.

Here are some of the requirements for our hunting for a location in Colorado.

So you might wonder, why are we planning on moving. Days like today are why. It was in the upper 80s today, which in itself wouldn't be too bad, but the humidity was high all day long, with more of the same scheduled for tomorrow.

The weather here in Missouri is one of the main reasons we're planning on moving. Personally, I am sick and tired of the humidity, as I believe Natalie is also. We're looking forward to better weather in the summers in Colorado, and then hopefully beautiful winters as well!

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