When people hear that we are moving to Colorado the most popular question by far is, Why?

Well this is our answer.


This is the view from our hotel room. We hope to find a house with a similar view.

So Sunday Night Natalie and I were kind of freaking out. We didn’t like Fort Collins, and we didn’t know what to do. Actually, on Monday we were in the same boat, we looked at Longmont/Boulder, found a nice barn or two, but nothing on the housing front that would fit in our price range. Heck, Tuesday around noon we were still in the same boat, unsure of what we were going to do.

Day 3 in Colorado

Chris Hammond
Natalie and I spent most of today looking around Ft. Collins. The first thing we did after breakfast and leaving the hotel was to head to Autozone to get the check engine light scanned on the Envoy. The code reported a problem with either the MAP or one of the hoses. I ended up resetting the code, and we drove the rest of the day, a couple hundred miles, without it coming back on. Perhaps it was just the altitude yesterday that caused a problem. After getting the Envoy squared away we started calling Dressage barns in the area and went and visited a few. We found one that I think Natalie really likes, Chatellen, I like it too, but mostly because of the beagle Joe. Well Joe and check out the view from their farm of the mountains.

If you were moving to Colorado, where would you choose to live? Please be sure to post why you pick where you pick. If you don't tell us why, it will be hard to sell us on a specific location.

Here are some of the requirements for our hunting for a location in Colorado.

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