Natalie and I are headed off to Parker Colorado again this weekend to look at houses. So here’s a recap of what happened originally.

1. The original offer we made on the short sale house in Parker was rejected by the owners.

2. The second offer was accepted by the owners, but after a month rejected by the bank.

3. We’re likely to make another offer on the short sale, less than our second rejected offer to try to get the bank to do another appraisal and see if they’ll come down on what they want for the house, it’s about 20k more than we are willing to spend.

Beyond that additional offer, which we can get out of at any time, we’re going to make another trip out there to start the process over of looking at houses, we might look at one we looked at previously, but likely will be seeing totally different houses. We upped our search price range to see if we can find something above our range and make a lower offer to try to them within our range. We are also going to look at a few places a bit farther out of town that have 1-2 acres, everything we’ve looked at up to this point has been 1/3 acre or less.

While we’re out there we hope to spend a day just looking around, we really haven’t had much time to cruise around the area the past few trips. I may even take my K2 inline skates and hit a trailer if the weather cooperates. We are also slated to pick up some gokart engines for the Kenuam’s as they’ve picked up a new hobby and found some parts on the Denver Craigslist.

We’ll take plenty of pics of the trip this weekend. We’re actually driving this time, booked a rental car through priceline for <$20/day with that and the price of gas we should save some money over flying, and be more flexible on when we come back. We’ll either leave Sunday or Monday and head back to STL.

Natalie and I are heading off to Colorado for the next 6 days to start our house hunting process. We'll hopefully be taking a lot of photos and even some video of the houses we look at, so you will get a chance to follow along as we work through our first time home buying process.

Stay tuned as we get ready for this big life changin moment!

So we’re heading off to Colorado this weekend for our house hunting trip, we booked our flights a few weeks ago but at the time didn’t book our hotel or rental car. Well since we’re leaving in 4 days I figure I should go ahead and book the car. I always book my rental cars, hotels, and even flights using Priceline! you should too-> Rental Cars - save up to 30%

We made it to Colorado

Chris Hammond

So we made it to Colorado yesterday. We ended up driving from St. Louis to Buena Vista to stay overnight with some of our friends, the Schmidts. They live on South Main here in Buena Vista, a new development right along the Arkansas River. It’s amazing here, beautiful views and beautiful buildings going up. I’ll try to take some pictures as we head out of town. We’re heading off to Ski Cooper here in a bit.

Our drive up was pretty uneventful, 900+ miles, I’m glad we purchased a Garmin 255W before we left town, it made the trip a breeze, and will come in extremely handy while we spend the next couple of days venturing around the state. Photos and more blogging coming over the next few days.

So tomorrow marks the beginning of our journey. We are heading to Colorado for New Years, with the intention of trying to see as much as we can, get some time in on the slopes, see some friends, and hopefully see some dressage barns out there. We’ll post updates throughout the trip, photos included!

Leaving on Tuesday

Chris Hammond
So Natalie and I are headed to Colorado Wednesday morning. As of right now the trip is pretty free formatted. Natalie has a list of barns we are going to try to see, though I don’t think she’s contacted any of them. We will leave here bright and early, more likely, Dark and Early, around 3am.

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