So Natalie and I are heading to the Denver area for New Years, we’re going to leave St. Louis Tuesday evening the 30th, and stay in the area until sometime on Sunday when we drive back.

I am glad we aren’t planning on flying there! Check out this article about a Continental jet having some major issues trying to leave Denver Airport today!


Firefighters found the Boeing 737 on fire, with its wheels sheered off, resting in a ravine about 200 yards from the runway, said Patrick Hynes, chief of the airport division of the Denver Fire Department.

"They described a surreal scene when they pulled up, heavy fire on the right side of the aircraft, all chutes deployed from both sides of the aircraft, people evacuating and walking up the hillside towards them," Hynes said.

I think we’ll drive, thank you very much.

Natalie and I are looking at heading out to Colorado for a trip to start looking around and seeing what areas we might want to live when we move later in 2009. We had planned to go in December but with school and work I wasn't able to make the time for a trip. We're now thinking about going at the end of the month. With New Years Eve and New Years Day we could leave Tuesday night or Wednesday and I would only have to miss one day of work, Friday the 2nd. That would give us 4 or 5 days out there to look around.

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