So, we have said over and over why we are leaving St. Louis, we want to get away from the weather (humidity), get near the mountains, and have fun in the snow in the winter.

But there’s one reason we don’t want to leave St. Louis, our friends. We are leaving some of the best friends you could ever ask for, and for that we are regretful, I hope that we get to see all of you again very soon in the future. If you are ever in Colorado, please be sure to come visit. We will have the room, and always like seeing friends!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to Dave & Buster’s tonight for our little gathering. We had a great time getting to talk with everyone, and even got to see friends we haven’t seen in MANY years!

If you want to come out and Ski or Snowboard please do, we’ll be waiting for you!

Ready to Go by you.

Leaving on Tuesday

Chris Hammond
So Natalie and I are headed to Colorado Wednesday morning. As of right now the trip is pretty free formatted. Natalie has a list of barns we are going to try to see, though I don’t think she’s contacted any of them. We will leave here bright and early, more likely, Dark and Early, around 3am.

So today is our two year wedding anniversary. I have the best wife in the world! Natalie got me a K2 snowboard for our anniversary, how cool is that?

I guess that really means I need to get us a trip to Colorado booked in January!!!

Here’s a photo!

New Snowboard

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