Back home from Colorado

Chris Hammond

So we’re back home from Colorado and have the Envoy unpacked. It was a great trip, Natalie and I had fun, though we were a little tired of sitting in the car with nearly thirty-eight and a half hours of driving, and definitely another hour or so more of just sitting in it throughout the weekend.

GPS after trip

I’ll do a summary post later this week, but the trip went very well, we got a lot of information and have a good idea on what we will be doing later this year! Here’s what the roads looked like yesterday afternoon driving up to Littleton, Colorado from Castle Rock.


So today is our two year wedding anniversary. I have the best wife in the world! Natalie got me a K2 snowboard for our anniversary, how cool is that?

I guess that really means I need to get us a trip to Colorado booked in January!!!

Here’s a photo!

New Snowboard

Our Home Requirements

Chris Hammond
So as we prepare to move we will be compiling a list of wants/dreams/must haves for purchasing our first home. To get started I read some interesting information that I wouldn't have thought of on a forum this evening. So here is the continually compiled list of things for the house that would be good to have

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