So Saturday at noon I booked a flight for Natalie and I to Denver, for our 5th trip to Colorado for house shopping. There were two homes that popped up last week, at the end of the week, that we thought looked great as prospects for us. We considered putting in offers without even going out and seeing them, but just couldn’t quite pull that trigger. After skating 12 miles Saturday morning, well to be honest I skated 11 and walked the last mile due to hardware issues with my skates, I came home and talked to our agent, and then started looking at flight options. I tried and tried to make Priceline work for us, but the best deal we could get on priceline was $350/person, way more than we wanted to spend. After a few hours of effort I finally came across a last minute deal on Travelocity with airfare and two nights hotel in the Denver Tech Center for $280/person, I booked it and less than four hours later we were on our way.

Back to Colorado

Chris Hammond

Natalie and I just booked another trip to Colorado using Priceline. We're going 4/3-4/5, Friday morning, and returning Sunday morning. Now to do lots of homework before we make the trip!

I used Priceline tonight, which restricted us from choosing the times we fly, but we got two tickets and a rental car for $428. Going through Frontier directly the flight would have been $642, without a rental car.

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