So it’s time to get involved. How involved? Who knows, we’ll see how things work out. I signed up on the Douglas County Republicans website today, and am going to attend an intro class on Colorado Politics next week. I’ve always threatened that I would like to get involved in politics one day, and have always kept myself out of trouble so that I could! So now it’s time to try to get that ball rolling.

Why now? I figured why not. A couple days ago I received a flyer in the mail about the elections for the Douglas County School Board that are coming up. I actually got involved in that a few months ago, I was out in the yard working when two ladies came by with a petition for getting on the ballot. I signed the petition, my first in Colorado. It was for Meghan Silverthorn.

This morning while reading the paper there was an article about the Douglas County election so I took a closer look. That led me to looking into other information and coming across the DCGOP website. We’ll see how things go next week.

While searching around on the Ft. Collins city website today I found my way over to the Larimer County website, There I noticed that there are two upcoming meetings entitled Horse Business Facilities meetings, “two public informational meetings on an upcoming study of regulations for horse business facilities in Larimer County” 

You can see more about the meetings on this page, though the page really doesn’t tell you much about what these meetings are for. I’ve emailed the contact listed on the page for more information. Perhaps these meetings are just basic informational meetings, I hope to find out more though. It would kind of suck for us to decide on Ft. Collins as our new home only to learn that the county were going to heavily restrict the horse business. I doubt that is the case, but I would rather ask the question now, than find out later on.

So, for those of you who haven’t heard me mention it before, I’ve always had aspirations of running for office someday. Okay, maybe not always, but growing up I always thought to myself, I can’t do anything wrong so that if I want to run for office one day, I could. Between that thought and my father being a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force I never got myself into any trouble, no drugs, no trouble with the law, etc. Since I’ve managed to keep clean this long I keep thinking I really should look at getting into Politics after we move. Perhaps I’ll look at learning a bit more about political science before I do that though.

I’m finishing up my B.S. in Economics here in St. Louis this spring, that is actually the reason we aren’t moving to Colorado earlier than this summer. After we move though I think I might start looking at taking some more classes. Here’s a link to the Political Science program at CSU. I don’t know the first thing about grad school, though I do see I will have to take the GRE to get in. I guess I’ll put this on the list of things to look into as we plan our move to Colorado!

Politics in Colorado

Chris Hammond

Another item we will take into consideration when moving to Colorado is the political climate of the various areas we look at. At some point in the future I would like to run for office, I don't know what office, but I am sure it will depend on what we find for the political climate of the various areas. I am sure this will take a little bit of research, and possibly talking to folks within the communities in order to gather the necessary information, but I think this will be an important part of picking out a location for us to settle down.

With the upcoming elections I will definitely be keeping an eye on what happens in Colorado, what the various issues of interest are, and how the voting winds up.

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