We’ve had a good time so far here in Colorado! I can’t believe we didn’t move here earlier. Last weekend my brother came in town for the holiday, we went all over the place. Saturday we went to SAME Cafe for lunch, even though our friends Brad and Libby were out of the state (they run the place)! I gotta remember that they’re always gone for labor day. From there we drove through Denver and up through Boulder before heading up to a dressage barn for Natalie to watch one of her students ride. Greg and I took off to Estes Park for a couple of hours while she did that.

Boy was that a great move, it’s amazing up there, look what we got to see!

Elk in Estes Park by you. Bear in Estes Park by you.

Natalie wasn’t too happy that Greg and I got to see a bear out in the wild, she was wanting to see one as well! Maybe she’ll get to see one this weekend.

Sunday morning we got up early and went to Golden to go rock climbing with some of Greg’s friends who were in town. That was a fun time, I did the least climbing, but took a lot of pictures! Here’s a shot of Natalie

Natalie Climbing by you.

Sunday afternoon Greg and I hit the Cherry Creek trail, he rode our old garage sale bike, I skated. Here’s the data from the trip

Monday we went to Cherry Creek state park to the shooting range and had some fun shooting at targets there, followed by a hike that evening with the dogs.

We went down to Castlewood Canyon State Park, which is only about 13 miles from our house. We hiked a few miles, unfortunately my Garmin was dead and didn’t record any of it, but I got quite a few photos, here are a few of them. It was great having Greg here for a few days, we were worn out by the time he left, I’m still trying to catch up on sleep!

Wednesday I went skating again, I skated further than I think I ever have before, 11.7 miles. I’m going to try to top that distance in the coming week, maybe even on Saturday!

That’s all for now, I think we’re going to hit Breckenridge on Sunday, hopefully with some hiking in the mountains. We’ve gotta start prepping for the 14’rs, we’re hoping to start doing this fall.

When people hear that we are moving to Colorado the most popular question by far is, Why?

Well this is our answer.


This is the view from our hotel room. We hope to find a house with a similar view.

Day 2 in Colorado

Chris Hammond

So Natalie and headed off from Buena Vista today towards Ski Cooper. We barely made it out of town when we realized we hadn’t left the Schmidt’s xmas card, so we turned around and drove it back. We hand delivered theirs because it was the first one returned to us due to them changing addresses.

So we took off to Ski Cooper and made it up within about an hour, maybe less, from  Buena Vista, taking in some amazing sights along the way.

We had a blast at Ski Cooper, it’s not the fanciest or largest of places, but we hit the slopes for $75, two half day lift tickets and rental skis/boots for Natalie. It’s hard to beat that price!

Natalie at the top Natalie on the way down

We’ll have more pictures later, I think my card reader is in the car.

After a few hours on the slopes we planned to head to Ft. Collins for the night, with the intention of starting to look at horse stables tomorrow. Well, on the way out of Ski Cooper I decided I wanted to take a picture of the mountains. Fortunately for us another guy named Chris came by in his F250 and pulled us out of the snowbank I thought would be a great place to park for the picture. Needless to say I didn’t get the picture, but I did get to have some fun trying to get the Envoy out of the snow. FYI 4wd doesn’t do much in 3-4 feet of snow :D

So we’re in Ft. Collins, now, we’re going to head out in the morning and look at a few stables Natalie found online. We also need to try to hit an Autozone and get the Envoy scanned. The check engine light came on on our way to Cooper this morning. I don’t imagine it’s anything major, but we’ll see what a code scanner says tomorrow.

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