So earlier this week I heard from our Realtor in Colorado. He said the owner had accepted our second offer on the house and had passed it on to the bank for their review. Supposedly the seller’s realtor said he hopes to hear back in 7-10 days from the bank. I don’t know if I believe that or not, we’re not getting our hopes up. It would be nice to know soon, but only if we get it! At least if the bank turns us down we will know and can start looking for other options. With as busy as things have been since we were last in Parker we haven’t looked at other houses.

I did get a scare last night. I checked my voicemails for a new message and the message came across with a fax shrill, so I hung up and checked again. Well the first message it played was the voicemail from our agent from last week telling us that  the owner had turned our first offer on the house down. I wasn’t sure that it was an old voicemail, I thought it was from last night, so I called David up and asked him if he had called. Fortunately he hadn’t, it was in fact last week’s message. So I immediately went and deleted the voicemail, no more mistaking that damn message for a new one!

I’ll post another update when we hear more!

So Natalie and I have two days left here in Colorado, and we’re actually further from our goal than we were before we arrived last week.

After spending a couple of days driving around Ft. Collins we’re not convinced that FC is the place we want to move to anymore. It’s an interesting town, and there are some cool features, but we are not sure that those features outweigh some of the things that bug us.

We spent today driving around looking at Dressage barns near Longmont/Boulder, we found a few cool places. We’re going to head down south of Denver tomorrow and look around at some other barns down there. Based on what we find down there we will spend Wednesday either looking around there, or coming back up to the Longmont area. We want to spend some time driving around whatever area we think we will decide on and make sure we find out as much about the area as we can before making another trip out here in April to house hunt.

So far the Longmont/Bolder area a quick scan of doesn’t give me a good feeling of being able to find a house that will fit our desires. I only found a few houses that were under $350k, and I don’t think any of those had a 3 car garage.

Natalie and I are heading off to Colorado for the next 6 days to start our house hunting process. We'll hopefully be taking a lot of photos and even some video of the houses we look at, so you will get a chance to follow along as we work through our first time home buying process.

Stay tuned as we get ready for this big life changin moment!

I tell you one thing I don’t like about real estate listings, none of them list off much detail about the garage, and even fewer show a picture. A garage is an important thing, I sure wish I could see some info about them when looking at the listings!!!!!!!!!!

So I just booked our flights from St. Louis to Denver for our first house hunting trip to the Ft. Collins area. I checked the flights last night and the price was at $390 at the cheapest. So I figured i better book today before the prices go up since we are just over 30 days (if not right at) until we would fly. Surprise surprise the flight ended up being $30 less than last night when I checked. Score!

So we’re flying Frontier Airlines into Denver, I’ve had good experience with Frontier in the past, I should probably go ahead and sign up for their frequent flier program as we may have to make a few trips and then I’ll make trips for work. I think I got the same deal I could have had if I had booked it on Frontier, I ended up booking it on Priceline. Travelocity was still $30 more like last night.

Sometime before the trip I’ll get our hotel and car rental, both through priceline I’m sure :D

So the word on the street is that the US Senate has added a $15000 home buyer tax credit to the latest Stimulus package being tossed around. That could come in useful with our upcoming move to Ft. Collins. I’ll have to keep an eye on this as we start the home buying process.

“The U.S. Senate on Wednesday voted unanimously to approve a home buyer tax credit of $15,000 or up to 10 percent of the purchase price in its version of the stimulus bill. This proposed credit would be available to all home buyers and would not have to be repaid as long as a buyer lives in the house for at least two years. The amendment to the Senate’s economic stimulus package, co-sponsored by Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), offers the credit on purchases from one year of the date of enactment and could be applied to the home buyer’s 2008 taxes.”

Hopefully something like this passes, or an even better option, in the next few months!

So the biggest question we’ve had from other people since we decided that we are moving to Colorado has been what will you do for work?

Well my answer is an easy one. I will continue to work for Engage Software, I just simply be working out of a home office for a while, with the intention of expanding the business with a new office out west as we grow even more. That will require growing our business in the region and then looking for talented people to fit whatever needs arise.

Natalie on the other hand is sort of in an unknown position. Currently she has her own business out here doing Dressage training. She loves what she does, but it takes a LOT of time and energy to do what she does. She is looking forward to not having to work as much after we move. She’s not quite sure what she wants to do, but I imagine it will still involve Dressage Training out in Ft. Collins, just not on the same scale as she is doing here in St. Louis.

So, that answers one of the biggest questions we’ve had when people find out we’re moving.

I am going to keep a list of potential homes I find on various realtor websites, I figured since we are making this move public, I might as well make the homes we’re thinking about public, at least for now. Here’s the first link I’ve found while messing around on a search.

Our Home Requirements

Chris Hammond
So as we prepare to move we will be compiling a list of wants/dreams/must haves for purchasing our first home. To get started I read some interesting information that I wouldn't have thought of on a forum this evening. So here is the continually compiled list of things for the house that would be good to have

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