A few semesters ago here at UMSL (www.umsl.edu) I took a geospatial analysis class, analyzing data from sources such as the census, to provide analysis of various things within a community.  This evening while looking at the Ft. Collins city website I ran across a survey of its citizens from 2008. After looking over that I figured I would geek out a little bit and look for crime statistics for the Ft. Collins area and come up with an analysis of what parts of town are best to live in from a number of perspectives.

This is not information that a real estate agent is likely to provide you, I could be wrong, but I think real estate agents are limited in some of the questions they can answer as to not show bias and discrimination on certain parts of town/people. This data and analysis isn’t something I’m going to have together here in the next week or two, but I will try to get it together before we make our next trip out to Colorado, we are planning on late March.

Of course I will blog all of this gathered information as I find and analyze the information.

So for our trip out to Colorado earlier this month we went with the intention of trying to find two things. Looking at options for a Dressage boarding facility, and based on what we found with that, finding where we want to move.

It was a productive trip in that we did find the Dressage facility that Natalie wants to board her horse at, and thus we’ve located the area we want to move to. We’ll hold off on talking about the facility itself in detail yet until we figure out if they will even have room for Corollo3. We are now starting to think about the next phase of the moving process. We are planning a trip to Ft. Collins in March to start looking for a house.

There will be a lot to plan before that trip, getting preapproved for a mortgage to get an idea of what our budget is going to be, finding a real-estate agent, though I think I’ve already got that covered through family connections.

More blogging as we get into the house hunting process!

UPDATE We changed our minds, we're moving to Parker! I'll make another blog post about that

I should be going to bed, but looking at houses has been keeping me up.

I like the look of this house

but it has a few drawbacks.

1. It’s priced high!!!!!

2. It doesn’t appear to have much of a yard.

I am going to keep a list of potential homes I find on various realtor websites, I figured since we are making this move public, I might as well make the homes we’re thinking about public, at least for now. Here’s the first link I’ve found while messing around on a realtor.com search.

Day 3 in Colorado

Chris Hammond
Natalie and I spent most of today looking around Ft. Collins. The first thing we did after breakfast and leaving the hotel was to head to Autozone to get the check engine light scanned on the Envoy. The code reported a problem with either the MAP or one of the hoses. I ended up resetting the code, and we drove the rest of the day, a couple hundred miles, without it coming back on. Perhaps it was just the altitude yesterday that caused a problem. After getting the Envoy squared away we started calling Dressage barns in the area and went and visited a few. We found one that I think Natalie really likes, Chatellen, I like it too, but mostly because of the beagle Joe. Well Joe and check out the view from their farm of the mountains.

Day 2 in Colorado

Chris Hammond

So Natalie and headed off from Buena Vista today towards Ski Cooper. We barely made it out of town when we realized we hadn’t left the Schmidt’s xmas card, so we turned around and drove it back. We hand delivered theirs because it was the first one returned to us due to them changing addresses.

So we took off to Ski Cooper and made it up within about an hour, maybe less, from  Buena Vista, taking in some amazing sights along the way.

We had a blast at Ski Cooper, it’s not the fanciest or largest of places, but we hit the slopes for $75, two half day lift tickets and rental skis/boots for Natalie. It’s hard to beat that price!

Natalie at the top Natalie on the way down

We’ll have more pictures later, I think my card reader is in the car.

After a few hours on the slopes we planned to head to Ft. Collins for the night, with the intention of starting to look at horse stables tomorrow. Well, on the way out of Ski Cooper I decided I wanted to take a picture of the mountains. Fortunately for us another guy named Chris came by in his F250 and pulled us out of the snowbank I thought would be a great place to park for the picture. Needless to say I didn’t get the picture, but I did get to have some fun trying to get the Envoy out of the snow. FYI 4wd doesn’t do much in 3-4 feet of snow :D

So we’re in Ft. Collins, now, we’re going to head out in the morning and look at a few stables Natalie found online. We also need to try to hit an Autozone and get the Envoy scanned. The check engine light came on on our way to Cooper this morning. I don’t imagine it’s anything major, but we’ll see what a code scanner says tomorrow.

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