So it’s time to get involved. How involved? Who knows, we’ll see how things work out. I signed up on the Douglas County Republicans website today, and am going to attend an intro class on Colorado Politics next week. I’ve always threatened that I would like to get involved in politics one day, and have always kept myself out of trouble so that I could! So now it’s time to try to get that ball rolling.

Why now? I figured why not. A couple days ago I received a flyer in the mail about the elections for the Douglas County School Board that are coming up. I actually got involved in that a few months ago, I was out in the yard working when two ladies came by with a petition for getting on the ballot. I signed the petition, my first in Colorado. It was for Meghan Silverthorn.

This morning while reading the paper there was an article about the Douglas County election so I took a closer look. That led me to looking into other information and coming across the DCGOP website. We’ll see how things go next week.

Sitting in class tonight I started surfing around to look at information about Parker Colorado, where we plan on moving, as well as Douglas County which is where Parker is located.

Looking at the Douglas County website at I came across survey results from the residents of the county for 2008.

I find it interesting to look down through the results, I wonder which part of 2008 the results were taken, as they are pretty positive about the economy. I just did some digging and it looks like it was taken in April 2008, so hopefully the  2009 survey will be taken and results out in the next few months to see how it looks.

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