So I just booked our flights from St. Louis to Denver for our first house hunting trip to the Ft. Collins area. I checked the flights last night and the price was at $390 at the cheapest. So I figured i better book today before the prices go up since we are just over 30 days (if not right at) until we would fly. Surprise surprise the flight ended up being $30 less than last night when I checked. Score!

So we’re flying Frontier Airlines into Denver, I’ve had good experience with Frontier in the past, I should probably go ahead and sign up for their frequent flier program as we may have to make a few trips and then I’ll make trips for work. I think I got the same deal I could have had if I had booked it on Frontier, I ended up booking it on Priceline. Travelocity was still $30 more like last night.

Sometime before the trip I’ll get our hotel and car rental, both through priceline I’m sure :D

So Natalie and I are heading to the Denver area for New Years, we’re going to leave St. Louis Tuesday evening the 30th, and stay in the area until sometime on Sunday when we drive back.

I am glad we aren’t planning on flying there! Check out this article about a Continental jet having some major issues trying to leave Denver Airport today!


Firefighters found the Boeing 737 on fire, with its wheels sheered off, resting in a ravine about 200 yards from the runway, said Patrick Hynes, chief of the airport division of the Denver Fire Department.

"They described a surreal scene when they pulled up, heavy fire on the right side of the aircraft, all chutes deployed from both sides of the aircraft, people evacuating and walking up the hillside towards them," Hynes said.

I think we’ll drive, thank you very much.

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