So tonight is our last night in St. Louis, we are almost all loaded up, with only a few things to load in the morning, such as our mattresses (sleeping on them on the floor the past couple nights) and a few more things in the garage.

I don’t think we’re going to quite get everything we wanted to loaded up, but we’re going to do our best in the morning. We’ve gotta make a run to a dumpster or two to unload quite a bit of trash, pick up the datsun from down in Fenton, and then head back up here to connect the truck to the horse trailer and head out. Hopefully we’ll have all that done by noon, sooner would be preferred. We’re going to drive 8-10 hours tomorrow, see if we can’t make it to Colby Kansas or there abouts, then park the trucks for the night and finish the drive Thursday morning. I’ll post pictures on twitter from the road and will also post a blog tomorrow night assuming we have internet at whatever hotel we stop at.

We’re excited about the move, though I’ll be even more excited when we’re done! We close on the house on Friday, here’s to hoping all goes well!

Chris & Natalie

Seven Days from now we’ll hit the road and head to Colorado, all of our life’s belongings with us, except the horse which should be there at the barn by the time we leave St. Louis. e’ve got a lot to do between now and then, but I do have all the utilities squared away at the new place. I got internet/TV/phone setup this morning, then called the other less important utilities such as power and gas :D

We’ve been packing up around the house, there’s still a lot left to do, but hopefully we’ll get it finished tonight and Friday. Tomorrow we’re having a little get together at Dave & Buster’s here in town as sort of a going away bash.

Friday Natalie is going to a concert and I’ll begin loading up the trailer. I hope to have an idea if we’ll be able to get everything in the trailer or not, if I can cancel the Budget truck by 10am we won’t get charged. But heck, even if we cancel after 10am, it only costs us $50. In my mind that’ll be $50 well spent, as we have the truck reserved for a Monday pickup if we do need more room for loading things. It’ll also likely tow the 240Z better than the Envoy will.

We’re planning on leaving St. Louis some time on Tuesday, driving roughly half way (Salina Kansas or further) and then finish up the rest of the drive on Thursday. I’ll likely need to go down to Cplorado Springs on Thursday to get a bank account down there for our second mortgage, they’ll give us a discount on the rate if we have an account there for them to ECH from.

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